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Who knew a novel could reveal a glimpse of the ultimate reality.


Alan D. Goodman (Scituate, Ma.) 

Reading "The Legacy of Violetta Rose", I was surprised to find that Arzani Burman's simple prose style opened many doors to important questions about why we're here and how we deal with the mystery of our lives. The multitude of choices we "think" we make on a daily basis are shown to us in several vignettes narrated by the author. I found this book to be both refreshing and poignant reading. I recommend this volume for bo

A Book That Stays With You, February 22, 2009
by Barbara Berkeley
It's hard to put down The Legacy of Violetta Rose. The book tells a fascinating and involving story that moves back and forth between dimensions. The characters travel seamlessly between reality, fantasy and other-worldliness bringing us right along with them. It's a wonderful ride. Even better, though, is what we learn about our perceptions of reality. Violetta's journey teaches us that there is alot more to life than meets the eye. A great read.

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Enlightening and entertaining, August 3, 2008 by Nirmala (Sedona, AZ) 
"Arzani spins an entertaining metaphysical yarn that playfully addresses some of the deepest spiritual questions . . . and comes up with some surprising and enlightening answers. Be prepared to leave your limiting concepts and beliefs behind on this delightful journey."

Nirmala (author of
Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Self and  Illusion of a Separate Living from the Heart

Reading Arzani Burman's book is a gripping, multi-dimensional, fun and informative journey. In this accelerated cosmic moment, the New Template of Oneness, Sacred Contact and Authenticity is rapidly emerging. Arzani's co-creational expression is a profound, joyful and functional guide for those awakening in this new reality adn grand adventure; a world where our old maps are barely of any use. For those with a psycho-spiritual and/or esoteric bent like myself, this is an evocative and delicious treat. I read it slowly, savoring itss many gems. Whatever your background, you are sure to enjoy many wonderful insights, teachings, and lots of resonant encouragement and validation. What an honor and pleasure it has been to receive this precious gift!

Soldann/Stan Greenberg

PhD. Licensed Psychologist and Transformational Gude

A deep and delightful tale!, December 1, 2008
by San Fran Reader.
Arzani Burman's heroine, Ali Morgenstern, falls into a metaphorical rabbit hole into a new reality when she wins not only a country house but a wise friend and teacher. With Violetta Rose,
Ali explores life's deepest and most pressing questions -- including whether inter-dimensional dogs poop! This is a warm and witty tale with many surprising twists, well-seasoned with
Burman's own trove of collected wisdom.

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Teaching by telling a story, August 20, 2009 by Peter Francis Dziuban "www.consciousness is all... When you've read enough serious books on spirituality and awareness, you'll find this a refreshing change of pace. Arzani Burman skillfully weaves many important points into an entertaining, flows-right-along tale of one woman's spiritual journey. You're just reading an enjoyable story, and suddenly realize you've seen something in a new way--something you've probably heard before, but this time it got through because it wasn't something you were straining to "see" or learn. The wisdom sneaks up on you--quietly, it's just there. This is an excellent contemporary example of the te

This adventure takes you to places you never dreamed possible. - Marcia Carrocci